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Excellent! A corporate feel with soothing interiors. Definitely recommended!

Falguni Mehta, Santacruz.
The best part about the clinic is the fact that I can watch some youtube videos, Netflix or a cricket match whilst doing my treatment in a screen on the chair. Awesome stuff!!

Priyanka Shah, Matunga.
High quality stuff. Cosmetic surgery and dental treatment under one roof makes my life much easier. Thanks Dr. Mohit and Dr. Shraddha for a comfortable, pain-free experience.

Pooja H., Sion.
Posh interiors with such a positive vibe. Love the cosmetic surgery + dental concept. Surely recommended.

Disha J., Parel.
So glad to have a facial cosmetic speciality clinic near my house. 5 stars for the set-up!!

Tejal, Sion.
Comfortable feel, painless treatment and classy ambience!

Rushabh G., Dadar.