Surgical & Non-Surgical Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

Painless and quick removal of wisdom teeth is what we offer at our Clinic, with the surgical option given only if deemed necessary.

Removal Of Cysts And Tumours Of Jaws

Management And Surgery For Facial Fractures And Injuries

Management Of Reduced Mouth Opening

Reduced mouth opening (less than 25-30mm) can be due to a wide range of factors so it is important to identify the main causative reason and manage it accordingly.

Tm Joint (Joints Of The Jaws) Disease / Pain Management

At the Dentofacial Clinic, we have a specific protocol for management of the Jaw - joint pain or disease, and our meticulous step-wise treatment plan effectively and smoothly reduces any joint associated disease or pain.

Facial Pain Management

Jaw Correction Surgery (Orthognathic)

Also known as simply Jaw Surgery, it is designed to correct conditions of the jaw and face related to structure, growth, snoring, Joint disorders, or malocclusion in teeth. Conditions like elongated or shortened chin, protruding or large jaws, short jaws, excessive gummy smile, improper biting of teeth can be corrected by jaw surgery.
These problems can arise due to disharmonies in growth patterns and surgery is done in cases which cannot be treated by orthodontic braces. As Dr. Mohit has trained in Orthognathic Surgery from one of the most renowned centres in the world, he will be able to recommend what's best suitable for you.


Not sure about a small ulcer or a swelling in the jaw or teeth or gums? Get a biopsy done immediately to know the exact diagnosis and hence effectively treat it. It is a routine chairside procedure (15-20 mins) generally under local anesthesia.